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Jonathan Bueno

Sign Stealing, the Houston Astros, and the Power of Reputation

It pains me a little to write this, having been a fan of the Houston Astros since the first grade. If you have been following this story and don’t know much about baseball—let me be the first to tell you that sign-stealing is a part of the game. Oddly, it has been ever since the game known as “America’s pastime” has been a sport. So, what happened, and why are people mad now—including many Major League Baseball players?

Halloween Creep

My family just moved into a new house. It has been an exciting and hectic few weeks. You probably know the feeling. The excitement of a new home and a new neighborhood was dampened, however, when we found out that there were ghosts—more than one actually, along with a resident witch, and even a werewolf. All joking aside, of course, there aren’t any real ghosts or monsters, but you’ve probably guessed it by now—Halloween decorations.

For Signs and Seasons

Most people don't really know the plan and purpose of God, but there are a real set of annual holy days that spell it out—and you can learn what they are, and when they take place!

A Healthy Dose of Spirituality?

How far will you go to get healthy? Maybe the best medicine isn't the kind you get from a doctor or a vitamin store.

Race Riots Ahead?

If only Ferguson, Missouri were the end of a terrible, disheartening story. Sadly, it was not. Recent publicized shootings of black men by police officers has ignited waves of protests in the United States, and has resulted in two confirmed retaliatory shootings of police officers in both Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What is going on? Will there be an end to the divisions in this country? Or are there even more troubling things ahead for America, including race riots? Furthermore, how should Christians respond?