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Jonathan Bueno

Sacrifice and Joy

Campers in sunlight

To give is truly better than to receive—and time is a cherished gift indeed, as this youth camp counselor experienced.

The Turning Point

You don’t need to be a prophet to realize the entire world seems to be on the verge of a dangerous turning point. We’ve lived in times of relative peace and calm over the last several decades. However, the past several years have seen increasing tension all over the world, and many would say that 2020 is the worst year yet. Stability seems to be evaporating more rapidly than ever. Citizens are revolting against their governments around the globe. COVID-19 has brought powerful economies to their knees.

A House Divided

Black and white bricks divided wall

A civilization rife with division is doomed. Is there any way to move forward?

A House Divided Cannot Stand

“A house divided cannot stand,” I said to the gentleman across from me in the Firestone waiting area. We had talked for over an hour as we watched the news on TV. It didn’t seem that long as we shared several things in common: an interest in history, gratitude for having grown up and lived in the United States, mutual displeasure with current events, and even a common Latino background. Notably, however, we differed in age, him being at least 30 years my senior. Until I said those words, the conversation was light, casual, and easygoing.

The Great Riot

They came from many miles away, descending on the agreed-upon location. The many peoples gathered together as a raging throng. They brought with them an impressive array of guns and firepower. Their goal was simple: to resist perceived oppression. Even more—to throw off the rule of their masters. In their minds, they had suffered enough at the hands of this regime. They viewed themselves as oppressed and downtrodden—prisoners and slaves even. The stage was set for the confrontation and what would be the greatest riot—except that it was very short-lived.