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Jonathan McNair

A return to New Orleans

My wife and I just returned from a visit to Louisiana. Although our visit was short, we spent part of our trip touring the devastation in the area around New Orleans. I wish every citizen in our nation could see what we saw that day, with their own eyes, not just through the news media.

Why Do You Go to Church?

In the last few weeks and months, more people have attended church than for most of recent memory. But is this just a passing fad? What's the big deal about church, anyway? Besides, is it really necessary to go to church? Why should you go to church?


2008 closed as one of the most dramatic years in decades.  From a historic election, to a reeling economy, to the outbreak of serious hostilities in the Middle East, every corner we have turned this year has confronted us with major changes.  Change is a constant in our physical world.  Our bodies change, aging and adjusting.  Our families change, with children growing up, and parents growing old.  Our society is in a constant state of change.