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Jonathan McNair

No Boundaries?

Have you seen the slogan, "No Boundaries"? "No Boundaries" is a pop-culture catchphrase that has a bold sound and a big problem. Even though it sounds gung-ho, it actually contradicts a Biblical principle that is fundamental to success in life. A proper understanding of "boundaries" is one of the most critical lessons for a young person to learn.

Social Influence and God's Wisdom

In 2016, American psychiatrist and distinguished professor at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Paul McHugh wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal titled, “A New Semester, a New Approach to Campus Turmoil.” Though he may not have realized it, Dr. McHugh touched on an important Biblical principle, as he covered the story of a Yale professor coming under fire for what some considered racially provocative comments.

Shades of Grey or Living Color?

How can anyone explain the popularity of the recent bestseller book series, Fifty Shades of Grey, and the subsequent movie? Though the books and movie portray a value system that would seem alien to any sincerely practicing Christian, polls show that the book has been read by as many as nine percent of American women who call themselves Christian. What is the appeal? Could it be, at least in part, that the very premise of the title—"shades of grey"—captures the worldly human desire to see right and wrong not as absolute, but as situational and relative?

The Church and You(th)

For most young people today, church and religion has little importance in daily life. Compared to school, social media, popular entertainment, sports and other diversions, church is neither attractive nor relevant.

An Exception to the Rule?

From the beginning of mankind’s history, we have not liked rules. And we often deceive ourselves, not by saying a rule is bad, but by convincing ourselves that we are an exception to the rule.