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King Charles III, King Solomon, and Zadok the Priest

There are many fascinating current and historical facets of Great Britain, the British monarchy, and its peoples’ customs, beliefs, and blessings that find their precedents in the ancient nation of Israel. One of these was witnessed at King Charles’ recent coronation. As millions watched, they also heard a powerful piece of music during his anointing that referenced the biblical figures of Zadok the priest, Nathan the prophet, and Solomon the king.

Seeing the Halo from God’s View

The halo has been a very popular symbol used in Christian art for centuries. You’ve probably seen them in various forms, from shining discs painted behind saints in medieval art to little yellow rings around a cartoon angel’s head. How should Christians view this popular symbol that has adorned depictions of Jesus, Mary, angels, saints, but has also been found associated with people and gods of other non-Christian religions over the centuries? Most importantly, what is God’s view?

The Mark of the Beast—Popular for Centuries!

The horrific war between Russia and Ukraine rages on, and Presidents Biden and Putin continue an intensifying war of words and maneuvers. Thousands of lives have been lost. However, despite the fierce opposition between the United States and Russia, their presidents actually agree on something vitally important that can be found not in the newspapers, but in the Bible.

Satan’s Deceptions Go Far Beyond the Grammys

About 12.5 million viewers watched the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, which was reportedly a three-year high, up 31 percent from last year. Some of the highly-celebrated musicians to win or perform were Beyoncé, Harry Styles, Lizzo, Kim Petras, and Sam Smith. Amid the fanfare and celebration, the biggest winner was undoubtedly Satan the devil, but surprisingly, he has far worse tricks than what occurred at the Grammys.

When Tomorrow Becomes Today

Sunrise over planets horizon with space

Jesus Christ promised a better tomorrow at His Second Coming, a brand-new day that we can start living for now.