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Josh Lyons

Gambling is Skyrocketing in America

American morality, once anchored in the Bible to a much larger extent, continues to rapidly deteriorate in seemingly every area of life. One example of this, perhaps less noticed compared to others, is the recent, dramatic rise of gambling in the United States. According to Forbes magazine, “Americans gambled more money than ever before in 2021” (“U.S. Gambling Revenue Hit Record $53 Billion In 2021,” February 15, 2022).

On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever

It seems like no matter where you look, scenes of crime, war, insanity, and brutality might make the days feel gloomy and cloudy. You may even wonder: Will there ever be a time when things will get better?

Jesus Said "Love Your Enemies"

Hand releasing a pigeon

He didn’t say we should only love people on “our side” of a controversy.

Abortion—A Crisis of Global Proportions

Few topics stir up as much passion and emotion as abortion, and rightfully so, as it is literally a matter of life and death. Like many contentious and complex matters, defining terms, examining some numbers, and especially turning to the Bible can help make sense of this important moral issue.