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The Uninspired Book of Enoch

Apocrypha scroll Hebrew text

Did the Apostle Jude quote from a missing book of the Bible? Just what is the Book of Enoch, anyways?

Keep an Eye on This Important American Statistic

Recently, while driving through a mid-sized town, I saw a prominent flagpole flying the American flag—a flag that, as an American, myself, I have always loved and have been very thankful to call “my flag.” On that same flagpole, a little farther down, was another flag blowing in the wind—the “LGBT pride” flag. This is a common sight today, as many institutions of government, business, sports, and entertainment champion the LGBT movement.

What Is Wrong with the Book of Enoch?

The Book of Enoch has gained popularity in recent years, as indicated by a large variety of recent YouTube videos sporting millions of views. It was also a source of inspiration for parts of Darren Aronofsky’s 2014 film Noah. (You can read our blunt review of that film here.) With a recent increase in the popularity of the Book of Enoch, and its alleged quote in the New Testament, let’s take a brief look at this mysterious book. Is it really an authentic biblical source?

Gambling is Skyrocketing in America

American morality, once anchored in the Bible to a much larger extent, continues to rapidly deteriorate in seemingly every area of life. One example of this, perhaps less noticed compared to others, is the recent, dramatic rise of gambling in the United States. According to Forbes magazine, “Americans gambled more money than ever before in 2021” (“U.S. Gambling Revenue Hit Record $53 Billion In 2021,” February 15, 2022).