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Are American Moral Values On a Downward Spiral?

Gallup has been conducting a fascinating poll for almost 20 years on where Americans stand on big moral issues. This eye-opening information provides an overview of a very interesting trend: that Americans’ views on many moral issues are rapidly departing from the morals established in the Bible.

Gallup reports the following trends of American opinions on several moral issues. The percentages reflect Americans who said that the stated behaviors are “morally acceptable”:

To "Love Your Enemies"

To "Love Your Enemies"

In a world infected by hatred, Christ reveals the cure.

Jesus Said, “Love Your Enemies”

The United States experiences deeper divisions with each passing day. With every tweet, headline, and lawsuit, people use the word “enemy” more frequently, despite being an especially harsh insult to call one’s fellow countrymen. When we see politicians and celebrities and activists label others “enemy,” we might call to mind certain teachings and lessons from the Bible.

Trump Versus Biden and the Future of America

Come November, millions of Americans will vote (or will have already voted) for Mr. Donald Trump or Mr. Joe Biden to be president in what has been predicted to be one of the most important elections in United States history. Elections will also be held to choose many leaders in Congress. And there’s more! The Senate will soon decide on the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, which would likely mean a significant conservative swing of the Court.

The Future is Brighter Than You Can Imagine

It feels like bad news bombards us on every front these days. Sometimes, I mentally wince before tapping on a news app because it’s usually full of troubling headlines. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have intensified many already existing problems, and the continual cycle of stressful news has caused increased suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression, as many articles have recently shown.