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Is Easter Biblical?

The majority of professing Christians consider Easter to be the most sacred holiday of the year, believing that it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But perhaps a simple, seldom-asked question is of vital importance: Is Easter biblical?

Consider a few quotes from well-known and reputable sources.

The Joy of Small Children

My wife and I are currently waging a tiring, fierce, and ongoing battle of epic proportions—with our two-year-old. He notches his share of victories as we charge the trenches of teaching him the word “no,” how to feed himself without throwing or sling-shotting his food, and how to submit to the terrible monster known as “Bedtime,” and so on. (It is tough being a toddler.) My wife and I are hopeful that we will win the war.

God’s “Big Ring” in the Heavens

In a January 11, 2024 article titled “Huge Ring of Galaxies Challenges Thinking on Cosmos,” the BBC describes how PhD student Alexia Lopez, of the University of Central Lancashire, recently discovered a gigantic, ring-shaped structure composed of galaxies and galaxy clusters. And when they say it is gigantic, they mean it—as in, one of the largest stellar “objects” known to exist!

Remembering Jesus’ Golden Rule

Golden apple golden rule wisdom

One of the most profound rules of morality and spiritual success came straight from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Have you made it your mission statement?

Christmas or Passover?

Christmas is perhaps the most popular holiday in the world. People from a variety of perspectives and societies—from the devoutly religious who cry, “put Christ back in Christmas,” to famous atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris—participate in some form of Christmas celebrations. With Christmas rapidly approaching, let’s make what some may consider a strange comparison: Christmas versus Passover.