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Josh Lyons

More Gentleness, Please

Helping hands kindness

There is great power in being calm and kind.

A Nation Clothed in Pride

Now that June has ended, the so-called “Pride Month,” which celebrates LGBTQI+ behaviors and lifestyles, has concluded in the United States. During “Pride Month,” many facets of our country celebrate pride, as seen in professional sports, government, and military branches, a variety of “pride flags” flown, clothing worn, and more. This year, the White House even hung a large “Progress Pride flag” front and center at a “Pride” celebration on June 10.

Entertaining Satan

Red evil gramophone

“Dancing with the devil” is more popular than most realize.

Medical Evidence Supports Biblical Instruction: Don’t Eat Pork

Did you know that the vast majority of the world’s meat consumption (excluding fish) comes from just five animals? Yet the one that tops the list is also the only one the Bible expressly forbids: pork. Many are familiar with this fact, but few understand the reason—and the wisdom behind it.

More Gentleness, Please and Thank You

The spirit of the modern age, at least if you pay much attention to news and social media, is one of protests and bullhorns, aggression and brazen demands, where the loudest and most extreme often seem to get their way. God’s word teaches a far better way, however, and emphasizes a virtue that is not very popular in our current moment in history, but which would nevertheless greatly benefit everyone in society—gentleness.