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Mark Sandor

That Just Happened!

Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes!

That Just Happened!

A major prophetic event happened just weeks ago, and you may not even have noticed! When Britain voted to leave the European Union, the world—and especially the EU—was shocked and alarmed at the economic and political significance. And yet, for many, the event is already “off the media radar”—but what is the real significance of “Brexit?” Without reading further, do you know what the Bible has to say about Britain’s momentous decision?

"Impossible is Nothing"

When I learned of the death of famous boxer Muhammad Ali, my mind immediately began to recall some of his most famous words and victories. Though Ali was not a Christian, one of his quotes helped me both in and beyond my academic pursuits.

Gods of Cinema Versus the Real God

Hollywood likes to make movies about gods, these days—whether it is the real God of the Bible, or some fictional being out of myths and legends. But how do these stories impact your beliefs?

Will God Trump Politics?

The February 9 New Hampshire primary, much like the February 1 Iowa caucus, revealed how frustrated Americans have become with their political leaders. Republican and Democratic voters alike favored candidates generally seen as outside the Washington establishment—candidates promising fundamental change. But do any of them truly have answers to the nation’s problems?