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Mark Sandor

"200-Year Anniversary of... What?"

How many Americans can name the famous event in their history that occurred on August 24, 1814—or 200 years ago, as of last Sunday.  Can you name this major milestone, which involved the United States and another dominant world power?

Happy Families are No Myth…

On July 25, the movie Hercules will be released nationwide, yet another example of America’s fascination with Greek and Roman gods and mythology. Besides the Hercules movies, Hollywood recently produced a remake of the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans, as well as the Percy Jackson movie series—all to profit from American interest in pagan deities. Why are these movies—and the books and other media on which they are based—so successful? Why does our society find more connection with ancient Greek mythology than with biblical Christianity?

The Ukraine Crisis: History and Prophecy

 In recent days, the world has focused its attention on events in the Eastern European nation of Ukraine. Many recent headlines have highlighted Russia’s apparent annexation of Crimea (and perhaps other areas claimed by Ukraine). American news agencies have mostly focused on President Obama and his response. Relatively few have examined Germany’s role, and fewer (if any) have considered how Bible prophecy can guide our understanding of this conflict.