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Michael Heykoop

The End of Morality?

How important is morality to you? Did you know that among Canadians, according to an Angus Reid pole, an astounding 40% (almost half) don’t even view the word morality as having a positive meaning? Have morals had a positive impact on your life? This is a question we can ask before even having a discussion as to what may or may not constitute proper morals.

Dismissing Our History

Dismissing Our History

There is much debate today about whether official monuments to flawed historical figures should be maintained. Could there be any unforeseen cost of their removal?

Religion: Canada’s Four- Letter Word

What does it reveal about our society when “religion” has become a “dirty word,” even among the religious?

Why Economies Fail

Could you design the perfect economy? What do you think the ideal system looks like? You don’t need an economics degree to look around and recognize that something isn’t working. Throughout history, many different systems have been tried. From feudalism to socialism, communism to capitalism, yet none has succeeded in providing a lasting, balanced economy. They all contain the same fatal flaw. Each one overlooks a basic trait of human nature.  It’s unlikely that any nation will change its economic policies based on this program.

What Is Tomorrow's World?

On Tomorrow's World we strive to ask the difficult questions about the long term effects of the decisions we make today both personally and collectively. We look for solutions, and present the case for a better future than what most people have ever imagined. On this episode, "What Is Tomorrow's World?" we give an overview of what Tomorrow's World is all about. Beginning with a review of today's world, contrasting that with the brighter future we envision for tomorrow. We also examine how that wonderful future of Tomorrow's World will come to pass.