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Michael Heykoop

Which church would Jesus attend?

Some estimate that there are well over 30,000 different church organizations calling themselves Christian; most of which claim to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. How is anyone supposed to sort through so many options? If Christ came back today and looked for the Church He founded, what criteria do you suppose He would use?

  Originally Published: 08th May 2010

The devil's end

As a society, we love a good story. Writers can make millions of dollars crafting thrilling tales to keep us on the edge of our seat. The most common formula used is that of good versus evil.

Can you escape Armageddon?

When you hear the term "Armageddon," what images come to mind?  Perhaps you picture an asteroid crashing into the earth, a nuclear war ravaging the world or an epidemic snuffing out all life from the planet.  The term has become synonymous with the phrase "the end of the world," and many believe that it marks the end of all life on earth!

  Originally Published: 16th October 2010

At Churchill's feet

As I sat at the foot of his grave, I felt a strong sense of comfort and safety. My thoughts fell on just how close we had come to defeat and to utter destruction. The world would not be the same if God had not directly intervened.

Lessons from an Olympian

On February 28, 2010, Canadian Brian McKeever will line up next to the best cross country skiers in the world for the 50k event at the 21st Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.  He will do so with a distinct disadvantage – Brian is legally blind.  Stargardt's disease has claimed most of Brian's eyesight, leaving him with less than 10 percent vision, all of it peripheral.