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Michael Heykoop

Religion in Decline

What are the religious beliefs of Canadians and how are they changing from previous generations? The decline of religion is a favourite topic of many. Some see it as a sign of turbulent times and mourn the loss; while others view it as a monumental step forward, a necessary separation from an unpleasant past. What does it really mean for our nation.


Canada’s Opioid Addiction

Canadian soldiers marching

What will be the physical, economic, and spiritual damage of Canada’s worsening opioid crisis? Can people enslaved to drug addiction ever be free?

Will We Run Out of Water?

A review of the potential for conflict over this precious resource and a look to the Bible to answer this essential question: Will we run out of water?

Legalize Shoplifting?

Legalize Shoplifting?

When a society loses all reservation against theft and other “petty” crimes, what other moral dominoes are soon to fall?

Our Increasingly Dangerous World

Is the world becoming more dangerous? This is one of the most important questions we should be asking. Peace and safety are among our most basic needs and are often touted as goals for new governments, ideologies or religions. Are things getting worse? Is there reason for hope?