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Pandemic Baby Bust

Will the COVID-19 pandemic and declining birth rates change the face of Western society forever? The Bible shows there is hope for the future, but it will come in a way most of the world does not expect.

Prophetic Misunderstandings

The Bible is a book claiming to be man's clearest link with his Creator. It is a book of wisdom, a book filled with knowledge and principles of living which ring true even 2000 years after being recorded. One aspect of this book which has fascinated many is the central claim that it contains prophecies for the future, but there are many prophetic misconceptions which must be revealed.

There Is a Real God and He Wants You to Know Him!

Is there such thing as God? If so, who is He, what is He like? Can you know? Do you need to know? Or does it even matter? Yes, there is a God. He orchestrated the creation of all things, and that includes you and me. We were not created to be ignored, or left as an afterthought. We are not some science experiment whose creator set it in motion and then stepped back only to observe from afar. Who is the Creator of the universe? He is a God you can know! Watch to discover FOUR ways that God reveals Himself to man.

What Does It Mean to Lead by Example?

What Does It Mean to Lead by Example?

No one likes political hypocrisy—or any other kind of false or untrustworthy leadership! How will God’s plan solve this problem?

Truth in an Age of Lies

What are the perils of living at a time when information more widely available than ever before? Information is a good thing. It is impossible to make wise decisions without having information. We use the written accounts of others to learn what has worked, and what hasn't. We can analyze different potential outcomes. We can explore points of view beyond our own perspective. More information must mean that everyone is making better and better decisions. If we look around us, that is clearly not the reality. How does one find truth in this age of lies and fake news?