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Man's Need for Purpose

What drives you to get out of bed in morning? It’s a simple enough question, but is it one you've paused to consider? Do you get out of bed just because it's a habit to do so, or do you wake with a purpose to carry out each and every day? The symptoms of a society without purpose and direction are evident all around us. Lack of meaning in life is a scourge which is tearing through the Western World leaving broken families, crushed communities and lost lives in its wake. The plain truth is that people thrive when they have purpose; that life itself is not absent meaning.

How to Make Better Decisions

We are the result of the decisions we make. Of course there are many aspects of our lives which are beyond our control. We cannot choose the circumstances of our birth, the genetics we inherit or the random events which inevitably affect us. No matter where you started, no matter what external forces may have altered your path, you have made decision after decision after decision which has led to who you are today. There are principles we can follow which will enable us to make better decisions and improve every aspect of our lives.

Protests, Peacocks, and Virtue Signalling

Protests, Peacocks, and Virtue Signalling

Wouldn’t it be great if you could demonstrate to the world what an amazing person you are just by posting where you eat—or don’t eat—on social media?

Given the current state of polarization in our society, it should come as no surprise that something as simple as the opening of a fast-food restaurant has become not only something controversial and a news story worthy of major headlines, but also one of the quickest ways to share with the world your remarkable example of “modern virtue.”

Does Family Matter?

Has the traditional family unit, or the concept of family in general, become obsolete? Like it or not, there is no debate that the structure of the average family is very different than 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. At what cost? At what cost to the individuals immediately affected, especially children? And at what cost to humanity as a whole as we try to retain society while removing one of its core foundations—the family? Does Family Matter?

Was Jesus Real?

Christianity is a religion unlike any other. The teaching that God sent His only son to earth to live as a human being, without fault and then be put to death by His Father's creation only to rise from the dead three days and nights later is the foundation and defining doctrine of Christianity. Essentially, Christianity is dependent on a second figure whose existence and claims we can investigate. There are many who doubt such a man ever lived, let alone that He is who He claims to be. If they are correct, then Christianity is not only wrong; but entirely baseless. Was Jesus Real?