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Michael Heykoop

Does Family Matter?

Has the traditional family unit, or the concept of family in general, become obsolete? Like it or not, there is no debate that the structure of the average family is very different than 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. At what cost? At what cost to the individuals immediately affected, especially children? And at what cost to humanity as a whole as we try to retain society while removing one of its core foundations—the family? Does Family Matter?

Was Jesus Real?

Christianity is a religion unlike any other. The teaching that God sent His only son to earth to live as a human being, without fault and then be put to death by His Father's creation only to rise from the dead three days and nights later is the foundation and defining doctrine of Christianity. Essentially, Christianity is dependent on a second figure whose existence and claims we can investigate. There are many who doubt such a man ever lived, let alone that He is who He claims to be. If they are correct, then Christianity is not only wrong; but entirely baseless. Was Jesus Real?

Debtor Nation

Debtor Nation

The clock ticks at an astonishing rate. Numbers in the far right column change before they can even be read. Higher and higher they go. This is no ordinary clock. It is a “debt clock” that allows viewers to watch as Canada plunges further into the abyss of debt. At the time of this writing, the clock reads $690.8 billion and climbing.

Is Religion Dangerous?

Has the existence of religion made the world a better place? Increasingly, many are looking at the world around them and seeing vivid examples of what can happen when religious extremism is expressed through violence, or seeing religious doctrine as standing in direct opposition of scientific reasoning and impassioned tolerance. Others may look at the laws and regulations of religion as unnecessary—or even damaging, archaic restrictions which prevent adherents from living however they see fit. Whatever the reason, it is clear that more and more people believe religion is harming society.

The End of Morality?

How important is morality to you? Did you know that among Canadians, according to an Angus Reid pole, an astounding 40% (almost half) don’t even view the word morality as having a positive meaning? Have morals had a positive impact on your life? This is a question we can ask before even having a discussion as to what may or may not constitute proper morals.