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Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

Admit the Cause of Problems

Our western society is usually willing to admit to the fact that there are many "problems": big city violence, rebellious young people, broken families and confused children. But what we normally do is fail to find the real cause of the problem so we can get at an actual solution. Rather, our modern approach to problems is to try to treat the "symptoms"—without ever searching out the genuine cause. For instance, many researchers have found that millions of people living in supposedly deprived areas of the world are often seemingly immune to modern illnesses such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. Entire societies in some of the Pacific islands, people living in the Hunza Valley in Asia and elsewhere very rarely are found to have problems with cancer, diabetes, etc. But when "modern" salesmen and food suppliers come in with ice cream, soft drinks and other "goodies," suddenly the rates of these diseases begin to explode! Think!

How Would Jesus Vote for President?

As the United States prepares to select a President, how would our Savior respond? How should we as Christians respond?

Satan's Alternative Universe

The devil and his demons offer a strange new world where good is evil and evil is good. Will you reject Satan's lies, or fall victim to his deceptions?

Are We Ready for God's Intervention?

Daily, we read and see pictures of growing millions of distraught human beings fleeing their homelands in a desperate attempt to reach a place of safety. These people are increasingly arriving in Europe from Africa, the Middle East and other regions. Why? Because their human governments are failing. Because their own people are "desperate" to find a place where they and their children can have a reasonably sound feeling of physical safety and procure the basics of life, such as food, water and proper sanitation.

Are You Willing To Change?

God is eager to fill your life with hope, optimism, blessings and success—but there is a step you need to take for all of this to happen. Will you take it?