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Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

The Reformation Grows

Was the Protestant movement a sincere attempt to restore New Testament Christianity? Do the “fruits” show that it was motivated and guided by the Spirit of God? Read the startling TRUTH in this fourth installment of Dr. Roderick C. Meredith’s series of articles drawing back the curtain on the Protestant Reformation!

A Life of Faith

Dr. Roderick Meredith was one of the first evangelists ordained by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong in 1952 and spent 64 years in the ministry. His life was a life of faith and service, preaching the “Good News” of the coming Kingdom of God and serving God’s Church around the world. He died May 18, 2017. This telecast is a tribute to him.

The Break with Rome

 This third installment of our special series on the truth behind the Protestant Reformation details the events that finally led Luther to break with the papacy!

Setting the Stage for Revolution

 This special series on the truth behind the Protestant Reformation continues! In this installment we see many of the motivations—including political and financial—for religious revolution. 

Build Faith and Courage

As Editor in Chief of this magazine, I have a God-given responsibility to genuinely serve all of you subscribers. Right now, tensions are at the boiling point in many nations! Millions in America are genuinely upset over the election of Donald Trump—which was a shock to the media elite, who did not foresee this happening at all. Additional millions are upset and deeply concerned about the “Brexit” vote—indicating that Britain will no doubt withdraw from the European Union and cause a major upheaval in this European project. China and Russia have been stirred by recent events, and tensions are increasing all over the world! As we in this Work of the great God continue to proclaim the full Truth of who we are and what genuinely lies ahead, millions will be deeply upset at us, and this will lead to persecution of God’s true people—just as Jesus Christ prophesied.