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Wyatt Ciesielka

Is polygamy draining the French economy?

Europe is locked in a desperate struggle against growing national debt problems and financial contagion.  Nations from Spain to Italy to France are freezing spending, cutting salaries, reducing welfare programs and cutting operating costs (Reuters, "Austerity measures around the Eurozone," June 8, 2010).  With all that Europe has to worry about, it may be surprising that polygamy may be contributing to Europe's fiscal woes.

Satan's secret society and true Christianity

Secret societies such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Burschenschaft and Opus Dei, are favorite topics of talk radio, Internet sites, books and movies. As evidenced by the popularity of blockbuster movies such as "Enemy of the State" and "Angels and Demons" to "Doomsday 2012: End of Days," as well as that of talk radio hosts like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, society is fascinated by conspiracy theories and clandestine organizations supposedly manipulating the masses.

Should the Pope resign?

As the Vatican reels from scandal, even some Catholic priests are now demanding the Pope's resignation (BostonHerald.com, "W. Mass. priest calls for pope to resign," April 12, 2010).  When scandal or political turmoil reaches a boiling point, what should a church … or a nation do?

Economic collapse! America's debt crisis

Zimbabwe. Iceland. Greece. Is America next? The growing weight of an overwhelming national debt combined with at least twenty lethal, economic "trigger mechanisms" has created a financial "nuclear time-bomb" for America. And, as the world just witnessed in Greece, debt can devastate a nation.

How loyal are you in marriage?

You may know the famous story of Lewis & Clark's expedition across the American continent to the Pacific Ocean and back. However, many have not heard the story of a lesser known member of the party, a brave black Newfoundland dog named Seaman. He was just a dog, but his story is a lesson of faithfulness and loyalty. His story is a lesson that even husbands and wives should consider.