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Wyatt Ciesielka

The Lord will be zealous for His land and pity His people!

Earthquakes, droughts and floods, Middle East violence, impending food shortages, and a lingering Japanese nuclear disaster—the news is bleak! Will our children and future generations survive the coming years? Is there hope for our children and for future generations? Yes, there is good news ahead!

The Arab world in crisis: Setting the stage for the king of the South?

The Arab world is undergoing a swift and increasingly violent transformation.  How do these tumultuous events align with Bible prophecy?  What is ahead for the Middle East?  Is the stage being set for the emergence of the end-time king of the South?

The Vatican versus the Fourth Commandment

On January 25, Pope Benedict XVI again proclaimed his desire "to ignite a fervent missionary movement in the Catholic Church," stating he wants to advance "the entire Catholic Church into a new missionary age" in 2011 (Catholic.org, January 28, 2011).  While this movement will ultimately contribute to fulfilling prophecies such as Isaiah 47:8–9 and Revelation 17:2–5, an aspect of this rejuvenated "fervent missionary movement" already affects billions. This is the growing emphasis on Sunday observance.

Not the Reason for the Season

Many people realize that Jesus Christ was not born anywhere near December 25 and that Christmas is rooted in ancient paganism, but will still proclaim that Jesus is “the reason for the season.” Is this true? Who is really being celebrated on December 25? Why the evergreen tree? And most importantly, is Jesus Christ really pleased?

The Truth About Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

What of the false doctrines of heaven, hell, and purgatory? And what of the scriptures that supposedly support these fabrications of human reasoning?