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To the Strongest

His ascension and conquests were rapid and furious, but his life would be brief. As was prophesied, he had made Greece the greatest empire on earth. But after subduing many nations, young Alexander the Great now lay dying in Babylon. According to one account, as Alexander approached death, one of his lieutenants asked him to whom should go the empire. He replied, “To the strongest.”

The Beautiful, Meaningful Rainbow

The rainbow is beautiful, and meaningful beyond what most people realize. Not only is it a sign of God’s faithful mercy, but the Bible also associates the rainbow with His throne and a powerful revelation concerning the return of Jesus Christ to establish His reign on earth.

Jehoiachin: “The LORD Will Uphold”

Stone wall

No one will achieve perfection in this life, but God is a God of surprising mercy with large plans.

“You are cursed by El YHW”—What is the Mt. Ebal tablet?

What is the Mount Ebal tablet, and what is the connection between this ancient artifact and one of the most important accounts in Israel’s earliest history? Before answering these questions, and to better appreciate just how old and how important this ancient lead tablet is, it may be helpful to briefly mention some other biblical artifacts.

Why Satan Loves Christmas

Creepy Santa statue with dark background

Is Christmas a Christian holiday? Or could this famous “Christian” tradition actually be one of the devil’s favorites?