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Does God Heal Today?

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Prove it straight from the pages of your own Bible!

  • Can we prove the matter of divine healing clearly from the inspired word of God?
  • Should doctors be our main focus when we are ill?
  • What about the spread of HIV, Ebola virus, "mad cow" disease and the other disease coming along which doctors cannot cure?
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Quick Synopsis

The subject of divine healing is a greatly neglected part of most people's Christianity. It is rarely even discussed in "mainstream" churches.

Why? The primary reason for this neglect is that a very real Satan the Devil has blinded the vast majority of humanity—including most professing Christians! Today, many churchgoers do not really study the Bible. They do not look to it as the real "authority" in their lives. They are content to follow the teachings and traditions of men—which are all too often diametrically opposed to the Bible. Also, many have seen the "tent meetings" put on by various "evangelists" where there is a lot of whooping and hollering and mass hysteria—and precious little genuine healing!

As always, we should ask: "What does the Bible actually say? Can we prove this matter of divine healing clearly from the inspired word of God?"

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