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Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss

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  • The theory of evolution is often described as an undeniable fact, proven by science. Does the evidence demand such a conclusion?
  • Young-earth creationists claim that Earth and the universe were created 6,000 years ago. Does the Bible really teach that?
  • How should the evidence of our world and the teachings of the Bible be understood? What is the truth about the origin of the world and of life?
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Quick Synopsis

The “evolution versus creation” debate continues to rage and shows no signs of coming to any sort of resolution. On one hand, many scientists claim that the evidence of the world around us demands that we accept the theory that all life on Earth evolved over billions of years through natural, unguided processes. On the other hand, young-earth creationists claim that a literal understanding of the Bible requires that anyone who takes the Scripture seriously must accept the idea that Earth, even the whole universe, was created by God from nothing only 6,000 years ago. It would be hard to imagine two ideas further away from each other on the ideological spectrum.

And the debate is an important one. Each position in this conflict has a powerful impact on how we see morality, the purpose of life, the reliability of the Bible, and even the existence of God. Sitting on the sidelines in this debate is not an option!

Yet, is there information that both sides miss? Is there a resolution to many of the issues that escapes both evolutionists and creationists? Are many fields of science and a literal understanding of the Bible beyond reconciliation, or is there far more room for agreement than many believe? How can everyone move forward?

This free booklet addresses those questions with facts and evidence, both from the world of science and the pages of your Bible.

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