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Satan's Counterfeit Christianity

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Prove it straight from the pages of your own Bible!

  • Is it possible that we have blindly accepted false religious ideas that we take for granted?
  • Is it enough to just be a “sincere” practicing Christian?
  • What are Satan’s methods of deception? How has he deceived the whole world?
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Quick Synopsis

This booklet contains genuinely shocking information for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It has profound implications for the future of our civilization. Yet the facts contained herein have been documented again and again by respected historians and even many theologians. They are not based on some “pie in the sky” theory or concept.

The swiftly developing result of false religion will dramatically affect your very life within the next decade—far more than you probably imagine, for this explosive revelation is not just for “religious people”—it is for everyone. All our lives will soon be affected.

We all need to ask ourselves, “How did I come to believe what I now believe about religion, morality, and the entire purpose of human existence? If my friends and I have just blindly gone along with generally accepted ideas, isn’t it likely that most other people have also done the same? Is it possible that we have blindly accepted false religious ideas which have, in fact, greatly affected the way our entire societies have developed—the kind of legal systems, educational systems, and religious systems that we have devised and that we take for granted?”

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