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The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

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Prove it straight from your Bible's own pages

  • Is the Bible just a collection of myths and legends, or is it inerrant, inspired word of God? How can you be sure its contents are true?
  • Is the Bible relevant today? If so, why has such vital information remained hidden from so many today?
  • Does the Bible contain powerful, real prophecies that relate to our nation and the world today?
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Quick Synopsis

Is the Bible really the inspired word of God? Was it accurately preserved for thousands of years as a unique revelation from the Creator of the universe? Or is it just a collection of humanly devised myths and fables? Do we even have the right books in the Bible, or are important sources missing that would change our view of God, Jesus Christ and Christianity? Can we trust Scripture? Is the Bible vital and relevant today?

Discovering the truth about the Bible could prove to be one of the most important and exciting adventures you have ever embarked upon. Although critics attack the Bible, and preachers ignore or gloss over many of its teachings, the Bible contains a dimension of knowledge that is almost totally missing from our modern world. The Bible reveals the true purpose of life. Bible prophecies not only foretold the rise and fall of ancient nations; they also explain the real significance of world events making headlines today and where those events are heading. In spite of what millions have been led to believe, the Bible is much more than a pious devotional book or an incense-shrouded source of comfort for the troubled and bereaved!

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