Where is God's true church? | 5 Signs to find God's church | Purpose of attending church

Where Is God's True Church Today?

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Prove it straight from your Bible's own pages

  • Have you ever wondered why you were born?
  • What will your real future in the afterlife be like?
  • What is God's plan for you?
  • Do you "need" to attend a Church?
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Quick Synopsis

Have you ever wondered why you were born? What your real future will be like in the afterlife? What you will actually be doing for eternity? Will you sit around all day, playing a harp, or staring passively into the face of God? Or does God have something far more awesome and wonderful planned for you?

Have you ever wished you could find a church that truly understands the end-time prophecies of the Bible—how they apply to today's headlines and the near future events affecting your life? Have you searched for a church that could help you understand the genuine meaning of life itself—and could explain where you and your nation will be headed in the next few years? Have you ever wished that you could find a church where the ministers actually preach right out of the Bible and help you "make sense" of its words—including its many specific prophecies? Do you long for a church where virtually all the members bring their Bibles to services, and where everyone actually believes what the Bible says and is trying to live by the true "first-century Christianity" that Jesus Christ and His apostles lived and preached?

Have you hoped to find a church where people of all races and backgrounds are accepted with warmth and love, and where Christ's command to love one another is reflected in the "family atmosphere" when church members gather for worship and fellowship?

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