The Empty Cradle

  1. 18th January 2018
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

There is a line from a poem by William Ross Wallace (1819–1881) that you have probably heard. He wrote, “For the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”


Chasing the Dream

  1. 16th January 2018
  2. Richard Franz

On August 28, 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a stirring speech with a vision for the future. The speech was delivered as the United States of America struggled with fighting a war on two fronts. One was a military battle overseas in a place called Vietnam, while the other was a civil/social battle, a war on its...


The Lunch Bucket Theory

  1. 13th January 2018
  2. Charles Knowlton (1927-2013)

Many years ago, I experienced for myself a phenomenon that is an all-too-common problem in workplace relations between labor and management. I owned a small company, and decided that I would like to start profit-sharing with my employees as much as would be feasible. So, I rounded up an executive table and some chairs and convened an employee meeting.


By the Book

  1. 11th January 2018
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

The expression “by the book” is an English idiom that means to exactly follow the rules and regulations; to follow given directions explicitly, without deviation, or to act in an officially approved manner. Some think the expression originally referred to the Bible, the well known book from ancient times. This certainly makes sense, as the God of the Bible...


Satan's secret society and true Christianity

  1. 09th January 2018
  2. Wyatt Ciesielka

Secret societies such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Burschenschaft and Opus Dei, are favorite topics of talk radio, Internet sites, books and movies. As evidenced by the popularity of blockbuster movies such as "Enemy of the State" and "Angels and Demons" to "Doomsday 2012: End of Days," as well as that of talk radio hosts...


Sex without responsibilities and without consequences

  1. 06th January 2018
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

Take a look at our society today. Sexual misconduct and perversion are rampant. Movies, magazines, videos and the internet are dominated by sexually explicit content. Many thinking people are alarmed by the "sexualization" of so much of our society.


The "Great Unknown"?

  1. 04th January 2018
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

We have all seen or read tragic news stories about a child being killed by this or that means, or dying of a dreaded disease like cancer or leukemia. Somehow death seems worse when it is a child or young person who had all their hopes and dreams ahead of them. But the death of any loved one, no matter whether young or old, is emotionally painful.


What Is Set Before Our Eyes

  1. 02nd January 2018
  2. Marc Arseneault

As I was watching the news this week and seeing yet another male public figure fall to accusations of sexual misconduct, I paused to wonder about where this is all leading. But more importantly, where does it all come from?


Why Get Drunk?

  1. 30th December 2017
  2. VG Lardé

In a few hours, the world will celebrate New Year’s Day, and many people will be drunk on these occasions—“just for fun.” But sometimes, the consequences are not so funny. Many people get headaches. Quarrels arise among friends and families. Others will end the night at the hospital—and some will “finish the party” at the mortuary because they died in a car...


A Little Fire

  1. 26th December 2017
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

The tiniest spark of fire can grow quickly into a raging inferno, consuming thousands of acres of forest or whole blocks of buildings. Likewise, a few ill-spoken words can escalate into a quarrel or all-out brawl, damaging a person, a family or a business.