Oughts and Ought Nots

  1. 25th September 2018
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

 We have all been told we “ought to do” this and we “ought not to do” that. Why? Usually it is because those doing the telling know of the consequences or potential consequences for not performing the right action. But who determines what “ought or ought not” to be done, particularly concerning moral issues?


Frogs and Horses

  1. 22nd September 2018
  2. Ben Maddox (guest columnist)

While no frog has a horse, every horse has four "frogs!" How is this possible? It has to do with animal anatomy, and the genius behind its design can teach us a lot about our Creator.


The Blessing of the Feast of Tabernacles

  1. 20th September 2018
  2. Wyatt Ciesielka

All around the world, faithful Christians are preparing to celebrate the great Feast that Jesus Christ and the apostles observed two millennia ago. This is the same Feast that all of the world will learn to celebrate in the coming Kingdom of God. The Feast of Tabernacles is a joyous celebration. It is also a commanded assembly that true Christians continue to...


No Religion?

  1. 18th September 2018
  2. Adam J. West

On December 14, 2008 I traveled to the town of Terezin, Czech Republic with a German friend of mine. There is a former Nazi-controlled Jewish-ghetto-turned-concentration camp located there. Endless brick walls constitute the fortress—a sea of orange, yellow, and red bricks against a canvas of green grass, stretching long between the structures. Most of the walls...


Stairway to Hell

  1. 15th September 2018
  2. J. Charles Ogwyn

As I travelled with my family along the highway winding through America's heartland, we were struck by the natural beauty of the landscape; mile upon mile of fields and forests, spotted with occasional towns. And then we saw it. In this of all settings it looked so out of place.


Declinism, or Just Cognitive Bias?

  1. 13th September 2018
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

Declinism is the belief that a country or civilization is in decline. Today, many believe that things are indeed getting worse in the world. Is that thinking just so much collective pessimism, or is there really a decline?


The Knock

  1. 11th September 2018
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

Have you ever been rousted out of bed by an unexpected, urgent knock at your door? Instantly, your heart races and you hurriedly react. If this has happened to you, I hope it was a minor event that you handled in stride. In this age of rampant crime, including home invasions, the security alarm business prospers as people attempt to protect themselves and their...


The Festival Season is Here

  1. 08th September 2018
  2. William Williams

Summer, one of my favorite seasons, is waning in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s hot and humid here in the American South, but everything about it—family trips, Fourth of July celebrations, and even the weather—is a wellspring of memories for me. One of my greatest joys was one many kids in the North American school system shared. That was the “release” from...


Mythology of Divorce

  1. 06th September 2018
  2. Jeffrey Fall

The average American would love to have a happy marriage to the right individual. Most people who divorce come to the conclusion that they were simply terribly unlucky in getting stuck with the wrong person. There is much to be said about being wise and choosing the right person to commit one's life to.


Character and Personality

  1. 04th September 2018
  2. John Wheeler (guest columnist)

One of the most liberating secular proverbs I have ever read is this: “For every strength there is a weakness, and for every weakness, a strength.” While that saying has a great many possible applications, I first encountered it in that form in the context of studying how human character relates to personality. Should it really surprise anyone that the Bible...