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Bread: A Biblical Symbol

  1. 13th April 2022
  2. Roger Meyer

There are thousands of symbols used in society. A symbol is any kind of mark, character, or picture used to represent or stand for something else. Symbols are very useful to convey information and instruction. The Bible uses many symbols, one very important one of which is bread. The word bread appears in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, often simply...


Unimaginable Riches

  1. 09th April 2022
  2. Wyatt Ciesielka

By 1957, J. Paul Getty had become the wealthiest American alive and lived in almost unimaginable luxury. But, even Getty‘s phenomenal wealth seems insignificant when compared to what God has promised us. Getty would often say, “The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.” He was only half right! Born in 1892 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by 1916...


We'll Meet Again

  1. 06th April 2022
  2. Adam J. West

In 1993, I enlisted in the military. My decision was due in large part to the fact that my best friend Lawrence was already serving and stationed in Oklahoma. He traveled to our hometown often. Together we ran, lifted weights, and did push-ups, all in preparation for my departure for training in mid-August. I could never have predicted the events that followed.


Can We Think of Eternal Life as a Tangible Asset?

  1. 02nd April 2022
  2. Karl Harmdierks (guest columnist)

When I was in high school, I was in a one-act play that reached the state finals. Our last competition started at 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening. As a Sabbath-keeper, I wasn’t able to participate. “Can’t you miss church once?” one girl from our cast asked me, casually adding, “God would understand.”


The Game

  1. 26th March 2022
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

One warm, humid summer evening I was watching my town’s minor league baseball team play under the lights. The stands were full of folks enjoying America’s favorite pastime in the vintage 1920s Baseball Park. Various vendors worked the stands hawking popcorn, peanuts, hotdogs, soda pop, and cold beer. One of the beer vendors, a colorful character, was carrying a...


It feels like bad news bombards us on every front these days. Sometimes, I mentally wince before tapping on a news app because it’s usually full of troubling headlines. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have intensified many already existing problems, and the continual cycle of stressful news has caused increased suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression, as...


The End of the Beginning

  1. 19th March 2022
  2. Jonathan McNair

Each year during the Passover season, God’s teachings encourage His people to take a look back. But there is more to life than one’s past experiences. So, what does God expect Christians to look at and apply to future experiences?


Don't Think It Can't Happen Here

  1. 16th March 2022
  2. Roger Meyer

Much of the world has been watching the invasion and destruction of Ukraine by Russia these past two weeks. Despite the buildup of forces on Ukraine’s borders for months, many did not think it would actually happen—a quirk of human nature. Could something similar happen in your country?


Lessons from "Squirrel Hunting"

  1. 12th March 2022
  2. Barry Walker

As a young teenager, there was nothing I found more enjoyable than being in the great outdoors, whether it was playing organized sports or fishing with my grandparents. My friends and I particularly enjoyed Summer, when we would be gone from breakfast until dusk looking for things to do that wouldn’t get us into trouble (and sometimes things that did get us into...


More Violence in Our Cities

  1. 09th March 2022
  2. Roger Meyer

A commentary titled “Violence in the City” was published here on July 25, 2020. Violence in our cities increased more in 2021, and 2022 isn’t looking any better.