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Will You be an Essential Worker?

  1. 02nd January 2021
  2. Ryan Dawson

2020’s most Googled news items include: Coronavirus, Murder Hornet, Australia fires, and, at number four in the rankings, unemployment. Within the vein of unemployment, another question was on people’s minds: “Am I an essential worker?” What is the most essential work you can take part in?


A Snapshot in Time

  1. 30th December 2020
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

It was just a faded snapshot, a long-forgotten picture of my grandfather and his three sons, leaning on their vintage car in front of the family's farmhouse in the Arkansas Delta. It must have been about 1933 or 1934.


Can We Think of Eternal Life as a Tangible Asset?

  1. 26th December 2020
  2. Karl Harmdierks (guest columnist)

When I was in high school, I was in a one-act play that reached the state finals. Our last competition started at 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening. As a Sabbath-keeper, I wasn’t able to participate. “Can’t you miss church once?” one girl from our cast asked me, casually adding, “God would understand.”


There’s More to the Tree Than What You See

  1. 23rd December 2020
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

As winter winds begin blowing, crowds of people, undaunted by the global pandemic, head to the evergreen lots. The sights, sounds, and smells of the cherished season bring people out in droves. While artificial trees have become popular, the evergreen tree is by far the most popular symbol of the season. Various customs, such as selecting the tree, setting it up...


Are You Being Taught a False Gospel?

  1. 19th December 2020
  2. Wyatt Ciesielka

The true Gospel is the most vital message this world has ever received. It is the message Jesus and the Apostles preached. It is the message the faithful Church of God proclaims today. It is also a message that is often misunderstood and even shamefully attacked!


Feckless, Fickle, or Faithful?

  1. 16th December 2020
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

Have you noticed that some words fairly drip with intensity and descriptiveness? Even the very sounds of these words help convey their meaning. You know the kind I mean. Words like snap, boom, sizzle, or fizzle, words like expunge, lunge, whack, and whirl. Interesting, you might say, but not very significant. Yet, words do have an impact.


Jesus Said, “Love Your Enemies”

  1. 12th December 2020
  2. Josh Lyons

The United States experiences deeper divisions with each passing day. With every tweet, headline, and lawsuit, people use the word “enemy” more frequently, despite being an especially harsh insult to call one’s fellow countrymen. When we see politicians and celebrities and activists label others “enemy,” we might call to mind certain teachings and lessons from...


Saving An Endangered Species

  1. 09th December 2020
  2. Dan Carlile

February 5, 2016, marked the 80th anniversary of the founding of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). On that date eight decades ago in 1936, a diverse coalition of hunters, anglers, gardeners, and other outdoor enthusiasts met in Washington D.C. at the nation’s first North American Wildlife Conference, convened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Footprints of Jesus

  1. 05th December 2020
  2. William Williams

Though it seems incredible, some people today doubt that Jesus Christ ever existed despite His impact on history. Was Christ even a real person? How could you prove it?


The Freedom Trap

  1. 02nd December 2020
  2. Scott D. Winnail

Of all the values society holds dear today, freedom must top the list! As we look around our nations and communities, what freedoms do we value? We value freedom of speech, freedom of travel, and freedom to act as individuals. We cherish freedom of choice—in marriage, family, religion, and myriad other things. Many even seem to value freedom from marriage,...