Just How Will It All End?

Richard Franz
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Hollywood directors, neighborhood movie theatres and sci-fi authors have for many years, with spectacular visuals, shown us dramatic theories on how society as we know it will end. A team of scientists from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation, after researching the topic, even established a list of twelve possible ways that human civilization will end.

The hurdle for the Oxford University team was overcoming the large amount of the pop-culture ideas that have already saturated curious minds. These scientists found that, with little interest for the subject in political or academic settings, scholarly discussions are made all the more laborious.

“We were surprised to find that no one else had compiled a list of global risks with impacts that, for all practical purposes, can be called infinite,” said co-author Dennis Pamlin of the Global Challenges Foundation. “We don’t want to be accused of scaremongering but we want to get policy makers talking” (RT.com, “12 likely causes of the Apocalypse, as seen by scientists.” February 15, 2015).

The list contains few surprises, but does include some subtle nuances. For example, a five-kilometer (approximately 3.1 miles) asteroid striking the earth would cause the most devastation not by the impact itself but by the clouds of dust driven into the upper atmosphere. This would have immediate and lasting changes on our climate thereby affecting food supplies resulting in global political instability. The scientists envisioned even larger sized objects (larger than 3.1 miles, really?) causing abrupt extinction on the planet. These speculations were followed by this concluding remark: “Large asteroid collisions happen about once every 20 million years.”

The other life-ending events listed in the study include a super-volcano eruption, global pandemics, nuclear war, extreme climate change, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, ecological collapse, global system collapse, future bad governance and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Among the list of twelve, the one with a high probability is “unknown consequences.” This category is the catchall for anything else we cannot think of at the moment with the potential of bringing an end to life as we know it. Their rationale for such a category is quite imaginative: “One resolution to the Fermi paradox—the apparent absence of alien life in the galaxy—is that intelligent life destroys itself before beginning to expand into the galaxy.”

All that is very fascinating and entertaining; however, you should know there is a book many of us already own that has a flawless track record of predictions spanning thousands of years. Many of these predictions are very specific and easy to understand. Some of the predictions have already come to pass, while there are some not yet fulfilled. Yes, that book is the Holy Bible.

God preserved the prophecies in the Bible for us during this specific time in world history because He is working out a marvelous purpose here below, nationally and individually. These prophecies recorded for us warn of terrible times ahead, times so bad they are unparalleled by anything in the history of man. Jesus’ own word tells us that “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved [alive]; but for the elects sake those days will be shortened” (Matthew 24:21–22). Many of us alive today will suffer through the most devastating, bloody time in human history, commonly referred to as the “Great Tribulation.” As you reflect on the atrocities of war and the many tragedies—natural and manmade—over the past 100 years, it is unlikely you would be able to think of something so bad that will make all of those things pale in comparison.

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  Originally Published: 02nd July 2015