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Last chance in Jerusalem?

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Is it the destiny of Europe to become more actively involved in the Middle East as events hurtle toward the climactic return of Jesus Christ? Will it begin to exercise a strong influence in the region of, and even militarily occupy, the Holy Land? Your Bible plainly affirms that this will be the case.

An interesting article titled, "EU faces 'last chance' for peace in Israel", offers an insight into what may be the beginnings of a more crucial role for Europe in the Middle East. In the article, Mr. Meir Margalit, a Jerusalem city councilor on the front lines of the mid-east peace process, states: "We have reached the last moment when it is still possible to divide and share Jerusalem. If it [decisive action] does not happen this year, it will become impossible to implement any plan like the two-state solution." (emphasis mine) The leadership of Jerusalem is imploring the European Union to get involved in the political and geographical division of Jerusalem.

Mr. Margalit continues by saying, "This is not an internal conflict. You [the EU] are part of this conflict," he added. "I am talking about terrorism. I am talking about another London [referring to the tube bombing which occurred in 2005], about the clash of civilisations. The clash of civilisations started in Jerusalem and it will end in Jerusalem." A study paper headed by Mr. Margalit dated November 23rd adds, "...that 'senior' EU officials who visit EU missions in the occupied territories should hold 'dinners' with Palestinian officials as a sign of good will, but should refrain from traveling with Israeli security corteges or meeting Israeli officials on the occupied side."

The lines of allegiance are being drawn and even though Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, who are among the 21 diplomatic delegations in the region, may block any hostility toward Israel, according to the article, it may well begin to define a unified agenda among the whole of EU delegates on the side of the Palestinian authority.

Mr. Margalit adds further that he "believes the situation has reached such a dangerous point" and has "rejected the argument that Europe cannot influence Israeli policy unless it acts jointly with the US," a stance taken by European policy makers. He states that "The EU is not a bunch of boy scouts... It is the biggest power here [in the region of Israel] after the US…" The risks to Europe are greater than those the United States would potentially suffer, making the threat felt by the EU more poignant.

If this truly is the "last chance" for Jerusalem being divided into a Palestinian/Israeli state, and the hand of the European Union does stretch to exert "influence" in the region of Jerusalem, we are most certainly in momentous times, for the Bible speaks of a time when God says He "…will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem; the city shall be taken, the houses rifled, and the women ravished. Half of the city shall go into captivity…" (Zechariah 14:2, emphasis mine).

Take note of what is being said – half of Jerusalem's inhabitants will be taken, and led away, into captivity. Other prophecies clearly state that captivity is coming for the modern day descendants of ancient Israel as well. You need to understand the identity of who these modern-day peoples are. The answer may shock you!

The armies gathered together, surrounding Jerusalem just before Christ's return, will fight against Him in what men call the battle of Armageddon.

To learn more about this exciting yet terrifying battle to occur in Jerusalem in the final climactic world war, and to find out what you can do to protect yourself from the terror that is to come, read Armageddon and Beyond and continue to watch events unfold in the mid-east powder keg!