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Greed, anarchy and captivity

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If you've been watching the news, images from across the Middle East portraying a breakdown of peace, the dissolution of decorum, the disturbing display from unruly mobs of young and old, men and women alike, have been etched in your memory. Could this type of anarchy also awaken in the United States?

In tracing the steps of the unrest in Egypt among the young followers of the Muslim Brotherhood, a plot erupted which was promoted on the internet, to overthrow the government of the authoritarian leader, President Hosni Mubarak. The method for shaping and launching their resistance was primarily through Facebook. The people used this medium to bring about the downfall of a regime clutching greedily onto power for almost three decades! Can we comprehend the magnitude of what transpired? President Obama declared: "History has moved at a blinding pace." And indeed it has.

We watched as decisive lines of division incited Egyptian against Egyptian and the people waged war on one another in a battle of ideologies. Those who sought the ouster of President Mubarak gathered en masse in Tahrir Square in solidarity, ready for, if need be, battle, and resolved fully to wait it out until the very end.

Those loyal to President Mubarak, after some days of the ensuing protest, came to show their support with the result being aggression, division, and consternation. Tahrir means freedom and liberation, and Tahrir Square, in the capital city of Cairo, was the venue chosen by the youth who instigated and inflicted their revolutionary uprising against the Mubarak regime.

Then, on Friday, February 11, 2011, after 18 days of protests and violence, President Mubarak stepped down, handing over power to the High Council of the military. One Egyptian man being interviewed by BBC News stated, "Pharaoh has let his people go," an obvious play on the scriptural Exodus account.

Some people were saying that this is how real democracy works. Even President Obama was echoing praises for the actions they took. If this is true, can we in America expect, as a democratic nation, anything different in the streets of our cities, given enough time and mounting frustrations?

With fractured financial institutions, burgeoning, incomprehensible national debt, and a nation divided along political, moral, religious and ethnical lines—the threat of riots in our American streets comes crisply into focus.

The economic collapse of 2009, precipitated by the sub-prime mortgage bubble, was not merely the lack of oversight of the financial systems—it was, at its heart, a morality issue. Greed had inflicted a potent poison into an already teetering system. The fact still remains that America has not removed from its financial systems the element of greed, and therefore is at risk for more financial woes.

Unemployment, sustaining a rate of 9.8 percent as of January 2011, continues to weaken the economy, as state employment insurance trust funds run dry—a result of unemployment benefit extensions that snowballed in 2010. When we factor in the $14 trillion in national debt with the many other financial woes in America, the reality of our extreme indebtedness is dire.

In the end, will we see Americans—brought to the brink of survival—flexing the arm of "democracy," as was exhibited in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East? Or, will the reality be far different?

In Jeremiah 30:3, the Eternal God says that He will, "…bring back from captivity My people Israel and Judah…" This prophecy is speaking of a time after the Great Tribulation (Jeremiah 30:7–8), a time of national captivity for the modern-day descendants of Israel and of Judah.

I encourage you to view the Tomorrows World telecast, "What's Ahead for America and Britain?" The answer may shock you! God will provide a way of escape from the Great Tribulation for those watching and willing to obey their Creator!