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Western Civilization in "moral decay"?

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Recent news articles have speculated about the "end of Western civilization." Interestingly enough, as you read through those articles, the reasons put forth for the end of our way of life have stemmed from our lack of energy conservation awareness to our addiction to oil for our energy needs. Political issues, environmental issues, educational issues are all put forth as arenas for the salvation of mankind.

No discussion has been noted on the real source of our decline: moral decay.

God made promises to His servant Abraham. For his faithful service, God promised Abraham's descendants material prosperity and success (Genesis 17-25). In recent centuries (beginning in 1800 AD and forward), God set His hand to give Abraham's descendants those promised blessings.

God also predicted certain curses would come on His people if they ignored Him, flaunted His laws and rejected His supremacy in their lives. Deuteronomy 28 discusses those curses — and God's list of the causes of the decline and apparently soon-coming fall of Western civilization are much different from what recent news media articles focus on.

Reading through Deuteronomy 28, verses 15 through 68, one sees the inevitable result of our choosing our own ways versus God's ways – and it sounds like a description of what our Western societies face today. Floods in the Midwest, hurricanes in the South, drought in many parts of America – producing unheard of food shortages in a nation which has come to believe that prosperity is some kind of natural right. God is proving otherwise!

News media focus on social issues, climate change, recycling, environmental issues. They ignore moral issues. God tells us our problems are not social, environmental or political – our problems are wholly moral – man's ways producing death, versus God's ways producing blessings and life (Deuteronomy 28:1-14).

Modern man wants to do things his own way (Isaiah 58:13), yet demand the blessings of doing things God's ways. It simply doesn't work that way.

God reigns supreme in the universe, and there is only one way to receive the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 – obeying God's laws and doing things His way, not our way!

Until man learns that lesson, the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 will be our harvest for the choices we, as a society, make. God is not mocked; what He says will come to pass.

The problems of Western civilization are not just social, political, educational or economic – our problems are wholly moral ones!

Biblical prophecy predicts a time of severe trial and punishment coming upon the modern descendants of Jacob for their sins and rejection of God (Write for our booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy to discover the modern identity of Israel, and how that relates to end-time prophecy).

Individuals can escape that judgment by turning to God and committing themselves to obeying Him and responding to His will. The choice is yours!

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