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The Mean Streets of Cairo: A Look Back

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A little over a year ago, when the street demonstrations that eventually brought down the Hosni Mubarak regime were unfolding in Cairo, Egypt, I reflected on the situation in a commentary published on this site, looking at the events in the light of Bible prophecy as understood by Tomorrow’s World. A year later, the observations in that piece have played out much as expected. Where do we now stand?

A year after that commentary was written, Egypt’s new government is under siege, with violent demonstrations in the streets of Cairo protesting the dictatorial actions of President Mohammed Morsi. He has quickly moved to consolidate his power and influence. Earlier he was praised by the United States State Department for helping to broker a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel in the recent exchange of missile firings from Gaza into Jerusalem that set the world on edge, fearing all-out war in the region. However, his questionable actions and largely unyielding front against new protests have created quite a stir.

This is an embarrassing conundrum for United States foreign policy, since the U.S. encouraged the demonstrations that brought down the Mubarak regime, calling it an exercise of the Democratic process.

Yet, we should not be surprised. Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton University, an acknowledged expert on the Middle East and Islam, wrote of the Islamic approach to democracy in his acclaimed book, The Crisis of Islam.On page 111 he states: “For Islamists, democracy, expressing the will of the people, is the road to power, but it is a one-way road, on which there is no return…” Democracy with freedom of all citizens is a laudable goal, but unlikely to be attained in the Islamic culture that dominates in the Middle East.

All the while we see the bloody, destructive civil war in Syria ramping up to a level that is spilling over into Lebanon. Behind the scenes, diplomats scurry about seeking solutions that seem to elude them. As unsettling as all this may be, we are seeing the fulfillment of prophecies which reveal the broad outline of what will happen in the months and years ahead.

The names of ancient countries or regions in the Middle East such as Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza or ancient cities like Damascus and Jerusalem are prominently mentioned in the Bible as locations where very significant events have taken place in the past. It is fascinating that these ancient places are being mentioned in the headlines of today’s news reports.

These blood feuds go back to the origins of these peoples who are descended from the biblical characters, Esau and Ishmael. You can read about their origins in Genesis chapters 16 and 27. Mix in the radical Islam, the “religion of the sword,” and you have the recipe for continual conflict that will become a crisis of global proportions. The hostile, volatile country of Iran will play a yet undetermined role in this combine of nations. Other Islamist countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan will also be involved.

The one point the warring factions and sects of the region can agree on is an intense hatred for the little nation of Israel and her staunch allies, the United States and Britain. Jerusalem is their focal point, and at every opportunity they will thrust and parry as they try to gain control of this coveted capital.

The Bible gives many prophecies describing the glorious future of Jerusalem when it becomes the capital of the government of God at the return of Jesus Christ in power and glory. Finally, an era of peace and prosperity will be established.

Until then, the mean streets of Cairo and other cities of the Middle East will be the scene of violent protests as these contentious factions vent their rage and pursue their quest for power.

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