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Trust me?

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Recently, in the major media, it had been reported that the Congressional Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations had been sifting through e-mails and other documents obtained in an 18-month investigation of one of the world's largest investment banks.

Amidst the scrutiny of recent legislative hearings, the CEO of that investment bank issued a prepared statement, saying that "If our clients believe we don't deserve their trust, we cannot survive," (BBC News, Monday, 26 April 2010).

A certain amount of trust is necessary, not only in business but in any and all spheres of human activity. What can you believe anymore and from whom? In recent months an increasing skepticism of "expert" advice has been in evidence.

A National Public Radio article states: "The public's widespread disgust with government officials has been well documented … But the news media – the institutions that accept the mission to hold those officials accountable – are hardly given high marks by their intended audience… 'I came up in the Huntley-Brinkley, Walter Cronkite era,' says Glenn Law, 58, the owner and executive chef of the Sweet Auburn Bistro in downtown Atlanta. There's a big difference. 'Did I believe everything Walter Cronkite said? Absolutely.' No more. Law says he still watches the news – but is far more careful to judge how reporters couch their stories. His human resource manager, Lela Johnson, puts it this way. 'You know you can't believe everything you read,' Johnson says, 'but I would say it's 50-50'" (NPR, "Bias Or Balance? Media Wrestle With Faltering Trust," David Folkenflik, April 23, 2010).

An ancient sage told about the time, now, in which you and I live. He wrote, "No one calls for justice, nor does any plead for truth. They trust in empty words and speak lies; They conceive evil and bring forth iniquity … justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter" (Isaiah 59:4,14).

It's pretty easy for a person to become uneasy from a steady diet of opposing viewpoints that seem to come from everywhere. Confusion occurs when facts become twisted into half-truths that collide with your common sense.

Who can you trust?

According to writer Frank Trippett, "The biggest problem, however, is that the faith of the American people in the experts has been badly shaken. People have learned, for one thing, that certified technical gospel is far from immortal. Medicine changes its mind about tonsillectomies that used to be routinely performed. Those dazzling phosphate detergents turn out to be anathema to the environment. Scarcely a week goes by without the credibility of one expert or another falling afoul of some spike of fresh news … Moreover, experts are constantly challenging experts, debating the benefits and hazards of virtually every technical thrust. Who knows anything for sure? …technical sages disagree ... Dependency on the experts seemed tenable in the more innocent era when science was viewed as a virtually infallible cornucopia of social goodies. Today, however, Americans are no longer willing to acquiesce gratefully in either the discoveries of science or their application. The citizen has rediscovered that the best of experts will now and then launch an unsinkable Titanic" ("Time Essay: A New Distrust of the Experts,", Monday, May 14, 1979).

What's a person to believe? You may ask, "Is there anyone who really knows what's going on? And if so, how can I recognize him?"

Thankfully, there is someone that you can trust to give you straight and uncompromising answers. That someone will never lie to you, or distort and twist the facts. And He will never let you down.

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