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Old friends

  1. 17th October 2006
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

An observer of the modern scene recently opined that people today don't have many friends; some have none. In the hectic pace of modern life, it seems that many do not take the time or have the opportunity to develop lasting friendships.


So Many Churches! How to choose?

  1. 10th October 2006
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

A recent headline in the "Faith and Values" section of a major newspaper asked this question, and it is a very good one. How do you decide which church is teaching and practicing the truth?


Pope Benedict's "elegant move"

  1. 26th September 2006
  2. Wallace G. Smith

Public comments that spark outrage in the Muslim world are nothing new. But when the comments come from the spiritual leader of more than one billion Catholics, the world sits up and takes notice – as well it should.


The Roman Empire was the most powerful, far reaching, and longest-running empire of the last 2000 years. It once stretched from North Africa to Scotland, from the Atlantic well into Asia. It was centered in modern-day Europe and ended with the abdication of Francis II in 1806 – following nearly a millennium of rule in Europe.


Sports, kids and life

  1. 12th September 2006
  2. Jonathan McNair

As summer ends and school begins, many parents take a deep breath, close their eyes, and take the plunge into the next hectic chapter of life.


Weather disasters around the world

  1. 22nd August 2006
  2. Gary F. Ehman

The death toll in China caused by Typhoon Saomai has reached over three hundred, and dozens of people are still missing according to officials. That number could still rise dramatically.