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Abortion—The Leading Cause of Death in 2018

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In 2016—the most recent year for which global statistics are available—roughly 9.5 million people died from heart disease (World Health Organization). About six million died from stroke and three million died from lung diseases. The same year, the top ten causes of death worldwide resulted in just under 31 million deaths. However in 2018, the leading cause of death—by far—was abortion (Lifenews.com, December 31, 2018)! Abortion numbers are not included with global mortality statistics for sadly obvious reasons. However, for those who do keep track, the global estimate of abortion deaths in 2018 was just under 42 million—roughly four times the number of global deaths from heart disease in 2016. Forty-two million is about the size of the population of Argentina or Iraq. And it is significantly larger than the entire population of Canada, Australia, or Saudi Arabia.

The scale of global abortion deaths is astounding, yet it is an unreported figure when it comes to global mortality data. This is because abortion is not seen as the destruction of a human life. The Bible, on the other hand, makes clear that the life in the womb is truly life, and that those who take it should be held responsible for that action (Exodus 21:22–23). Today’s society labels abortion “a woman’s choice,” yet it completely ignores the lack of choice available to the developing baby. When society condones the killing of unborn babies contrary to God’s commands (Exodus 20:13) on the scale of the populations of entire nations, there will be consequences (see Jeremiah 2:32–34; Hosea 8:12–14). For greater insight into this important topic, be sure to read or listen to “Abortion: The Real Story.”