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Arab Immigration Forcing Europe To Act

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“9,000 people a day have been crossing into Greece. And on Sunday alone, the government of Slovenia—a country of two million—said 15,000 people arrived at their border. Without agreeing concrete steps soon... Prime Minister Miro Cerar [of Slovenia] said Europe ‘will start to fall apart’. It’s already splintering” (BBC, October 26, 2015). In the shadow of this crisis, right-wing groups are pushing against immigration. Last week 3,000 delegates of the center-right European People’s Party held a congress in Madrid. This influential group was addressed by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (Irish Times, October 22, 2015). One agenda item was advancement of the European Defence Union. “‘We are going to move towards an EU army much faster than people believe,’ said EPP president Joseph Daul… In a strategic note unveiled in June, Michel Barnier, tasked by Juncker to draft a vision for a much more far-ranging Common Security and Defence Policy (CDSP), argued that the ‘EU’s soft power must be matched by collective hard power and a more efficient use of our €210 billion yearly defence spending.’ The paper published in June was barely noticed in the midst of the Greek crisis. But now confronted by yet another emergency, the refugees and migration crisis, it has become a blueprint for the way forward” (Euractive.com, October 16, 2015).

The Bible foretells that a strong and unified political, military and religious force will arise in Europe, ultimately impacting Arab nations and the Holy Land (see Daniel 11). The Arab immigration crisis may spur the formation of this European “beast.” For more on this exciting topic, watch “The Superpower ‘Beast’ of Revelation.”