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Brexit Slogs On!

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A few weeks ago, less than 24 hours before Britain was scheduled to crash out of the EU on April 12, European leaders agreed to a six-month extension of “Article 50”—the exit clause for nations wishing to leave the EU. This was the second extension in two weeks (Telegraph, April 11, 2019). The UK now has until October 31 to decide how (or if) it will leave the European Union. Some European leaders also indicated they might be willing to extend the terms even further if British MPs cannot come to agreement.

In order to make the extension possible, British Prime Minister Theresa May worked tirelessly in lobbying EU leaders for the extension. Her last trip to the continent before the extension vote included a visit to German Chancellor Merkel, pressing her to support the extension—a visit referred to in the German press as Mrs. May’s “begging tour” (Telegraph, April 10, 2019). The on-going saga of Brexit certainly continues to sour relations between the UK and other European nations. However, it is also exposing cracks in the ongoing “European Experiment” that the EU represents, increasing the division among the union’s member nations.

We could very well be witnessing events in Europe that will lead to the rise of what is commonly called the “Beast of Revelation”! Bible prophecy says that this “beast” will consist of ten “kings” who give their power over to a central figure and government (see Revelation 17), and it will eventually violently oppose many Israelite-descended nations, such as Britain. For many today, Brexit might literally be “oceans away.” But the fallout from Brexit could ultimately grow to impact the whole world—economically and, eventually, militarily. For more scriptural details of the coming European “beast,” read or listen to our insightful booklet The Beast of Revelation, or watch our telecast by the same name.