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Children in Same-Sex Households at Higher Emotional Risk

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“A new study published in a British journal shows that children raised in same-sex households are more prone to emotional and developmental problems. The study, released in the British Journal of Education, Society, and Behavioural Science, analyzes 512 children from same-sex households, and reports that the incidence of emotional difficulties among them is roughly twice that of children raised by male and female parents” (Catholic World News, February 10, 2015). 

The Bible reveals that God created males and females different, and for different purposes. We see this in Genesis 2:18 where God said it is “not good that man should be alone” (meaning “only one part of”) and that He created a woman to be his “help-meet” or “counterpart.” In addition, God gave different instructions to men and women about their responsibilities within marriage (Ephesians 5:22-33). Because God literally “wired” the brains of men and women differently (and this is clearly supported by modern research), the brains of children develop in part, in ways specific to their gender. When they are confused by the roles of same-sex parents, it is not surprising that they have greater emotional difficulty.

When Jesus Christ returns, the world will be taught that marriage is designed for one male and one female. As tomorrow’s children grow up in God-intended heterosexual marriages based on God’s laws, their minds and hearts will be much safer and emotionally at peace!

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