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The Power of Marriage

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“Teenagers whose parents are married have higher self-esteem on average than their counterparts from other types of family, a think-tank study concludes. Research by the Marriage Foundation... claims that even those whose parents are in stable cohabiting relationships are less secure than those from married households. The group said it provided some of the first evidence that children’s life chances are influenced by whether or not their mother and father have tied the knot” (The Telegraph, May 29, 2016).

British research findings are a reminder of the importance of marriage in a world where the need for both mother and father is frequently dismissed by those who want to destroy the God-designed unit of the family. God designed the family to bring about “godly offspring” (Malachi 2:15) and this research is a powerful reminder of the best family structure to benefit children. For more insights into the need for a godly family structure, read our article “Fatherless Families?” In God’s soon-coming Kingdom, this structure will be reinstated and generations of children will benefit!