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Churches Healing Ancient Breach!

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Anglican and Eastern Orthodox church leaders continue their efforts to mend long-standing differences. “For more than 1,500 years, a theological row has festered to become one of the biggest and bitterest schisms in Christian history. While the two wings of the faith may never be fully reconciled… the boil was lanced this week. The ink is drying on a document that brings together the Anglican Communion and its counterparts in the Middle East in an agreement on the nature of Christ. Fifty years of negotiations in venues from Cairo to Woking have resulted in a statement that could begin to heal centuries of wounds around the heart of Christianity” (The Times, November 1, 2014). 

Bible prophecies have long foretold that the daughters of the Roman church would begin to make their way back to their “mother” at the end of the age (Isaiah 47:1-8; Revelation 17:1-6). This “historic” accord between Anglicans and Eastern Orthodox churches is part of a spreading accord between the fragmented “daughters” that came out of the Roman church. The prophesied return to Rome will continue as Christ’s return draws near.

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