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Consequences of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Euractiv reported on a recent study published in the highly respected journal The Lancet which “estimated that the global pooled prevalence for genital HPV [human papillomavirus] infection among men is 31%… on the basis of data from 65 studies conducted between Jan 1 1995, and June 1 2022” (August 17, 2023). That means nearly one in three men worldwide is infected with this incurable sexually transmitted virus!

There are many different HPV strains, and twelve are carcinogenic. These infections cause cancers in men and women. The cancer most widely associated with HPV infection in women is cervical cancer. Most HPV infections have no symptoms, so sexually active people who are infected often spread the virus to others without knowing it. Another possible consequence of HPV infection is sterility.

HPV and other sexually transmitted infections occur because people have multiple sexual partners. While public health experts and politicians attempt to arrest these diseases with drugs and devices, they overlook the one perfect prevention tool—monogamous sexual relations between one husband and one wife. God knew this powerful prevention tool from the start, and that is one of the reasons He commanded to abstain from sexual relations outside of marriage! While humanity sees the commandments of the Bible as harsh and controlling, God intended them as a blessing to those who would obey His laws (Deuteronomy 10:13). For more on this topic, be sure to read or listen to our insightful article “AIDS Can Be Stopped!