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Desolate Highways

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Over the last two months the world has changed dramatically! Streets and highways in cities around the world—from Paris and London to New York, and from Madrid to Los Angeles—became devoid of traffic almost overnight due to lockdown attempts to control the coronavirus.

However, the highway in the sky has also been decimated during this global crisis. Commercial airlines normally make over 100,000 flights each day and carry millions of passengers (Travel & Leisure, May 19, 2017). Yet about 62 percent of the world’s commercial airline fleet is currently grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic (TIME, April 17, 2020). Many nations have grounded their entire national airline fleets, and others have greatly reduced scheduled flights. Even global shipping has been drastically curtailed, as fewer ships are traveling the “highways” on the high seas.

Bible prophecies warn that one of the curses that will strike the Israelite-descended nations at the end of the age because they have rejected Him will be that “your highways shall be desolate” (Leviticus 26:22). Although there is likely more to come that will fulfill this prophecy, we have suddenly gained a glimpse of the future as to what this could look like. As a result of these desolate “highways,” many national and international businesses are threatened, many national economies will be damaged, and many people will suffer. For more insight into end-time Bible prophecies and their fulfillment, be sure to read Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return.