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Difficulties Ahead for God’s People

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Animosity and persecution against Christians are rising again around the globe. “A persecution watchdog group is warning believers that statistics suggest a Christian is martyred for their faith every five minutes somewhere around the world” (Christian Post, September 16, 2015). Religious attacks are increasing in non-Christian nations. “Hindu radicals in India have intensified their threats, forced conversions and persecution of Christians, saying they would cut them ‘into pieces’ if they continue to worship Christ. Such threats have already forced at least 10 Christian families in a northwest province to flee from their homes and villages” (Christian Post, September 4, 2015). Muslims in the Middle East have a long history of persecuting people with Bible-based beliefs. Now, with the flood of Muslim immigrants into Europe, traditionally Christian nations are taking drastic measures to ensure the safety of their citizens. Hungary has sealed its border with Serbia in order to “preserve Christian Europe” from the threat of Islam (Associated Press, September 15, 2015).

Jesus Christ warned that His people would be “hated” because of His name (Matthew 24:9; Luke 21:12). For God’s people living in Muslim and Hindu-dominated nations today, worshiping God will become increasingly difficult and dangerous as Christians suffer more persecution. We must remember to pray for God’s people wherever they live.

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