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Drought Danger in Western USA

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“A 14-year drought in the southwestern United States has drained reservoirs such as Nevada’s Lake Mead to record lows. But satellite measurements show that the losses are even greater underground” (Nature, July 25, 2014). “The Colorado River basin—which supplies roughly 40 million people in seven US states—lost roughly 65 trillion litres of fresh water [between 2004 and 2013]… roughly 1.5 more than the maximum capacity of the United States’ largest reservoir, Lake Mead in Nevada and Arizona. ‘It was way more than we ever thought,’ says study co-author Jay Famiglietti, a water-cycle scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California” (ibid.). 

The Colorado River basin supports some of America’s largest cities: Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles. One of the prophetic signs of the end times is famine (Matthew 24:7). Famine and “extraordinary plagues” are prophesied to come upon the Israelite-descended nations due to their rejection of God and His laws (Deuteronomy 28:18, 58-59; Matthew 24:7). As we approach the end of the age it is important to watch for these prophesied events and understand why they are happening.

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