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Egypt’s Growing Influence

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A recent National Post headline tells an important story about the growing influence of Egypt and its President: “Israel-Hamas ceasefire solidifies untested Egyptian president as region’s top power broker” (August 26, 2014). The article noted “The Egyptian-brokered ceasefire… has reinforced Egypt’s central position in the Arab world as the only country able to negotiate between Israel and Hamas” (ibid.). As of this writing, the ceasefire brokered by Egypt was holding—and children along the border returned to school after spending the summer in bomb shelters (Associated Press, September 1, 2014). Egypt’s president Al-Sisi has been criticized for his lack of diplomatic experience, but now the skeptics are quieter. 

Bible prophecy reveals that a soon-coming “king of the south” will arrive on the scene in a location south of Jerusalem. He will lead an Arab league of nations against a growing Beast power in Europe—the “king of the north” (Daniel 11:40-43). Currently there is no strong and highly respected Arab leader that other Arab states are ready to follow, yet Bible prophecy indicates this will change. Al-Sisi’s growing influence and respect in the region is evidence that God’s prophecies about the Middle East will be fulfilled.

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