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Europe Preparing for World War III

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This Work has long warned that Europe and Germany will shift into a war-production mode, becoming the military and economic powerhouse known in the Bible as “the beast.” For decades, this warning has appeared far-fetched to many. But that is changing! With the increasing “Russian threat” on their border, Germany has been forced to move into a mindset of war preparation. In January, 300 experts visited Berlin at the request of the Bundeswehr (German Foreign Policy, February 20, 2024) to explore coordinating military and civil actions in the event of war on the continent. Germany’s Operationsplan Deutschland sets out actions needed for the “militarisation of German society as a whole,” and this recent meeting occurred in accordance with that plan. Should war break out, all elements of German society must be able to work together. Germany has greatly increased military spending, is exporting more military hardware, and broke ground last month on a new artillery shell factory (Deutsche Welle, February 12, 2024). Germany’s education minister has even suggested that schools should prepare pupils for war and foster a positive relationship with the armed forces (Deutsche Welle, March 17, 2024).

However, Germany is not alone in preparing for war. In a recent op-ed, European Council President Charles Michel said, “Europe must strengthen its defence capabilities and shift to a ‘war economy’ mode in response to the threat posed by Russia (Reuters, March 18, 2024). He clearly warned, “If we want peace, we must prepare for war.” He also suggested changing the rules of the European Investment Bank to allow for the support of the European defense industry.

Germany and Europe are on the threshold of significant changes. War rhetoric is returning, the engine of the military industrial complex is rumbling, and Bible prophecy is proving right, yet again. To learn what the future holds for Europe, watch “The Beast of Revelation.