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European Nations Request German Military Presence

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The war in Ukraine is shaking up politics and military planning throughout Europe—and it is worrying nations on Russia’s periphery. In late June, Germany announced it would send 4,000 troops to Lithuania (Politico, July 4, 2023). Not long afterwards, the Romanian prime minister “urged German Chancellor Olaf Scholz… to further boost NATO’s eastern flank by sending over German troops to his country ‘soon’ and ‘permanently.’” The urgency in the prime minister’s request was clearly evident, as the sounds of war echo near the border his country shares with Ukraine.

Less than a century ago, it was the sound of German artillery that echoed across Europe. Now, many of the same nations who once feared Germany are turning to their more prosperous and powerful neighbor for military protection. However, this should be no surprise. Bible prophecy indicates that a German-led European “beast” power will lead Europe again in the not-too-distant future. This powerful military and economic force will lead a group of “ten kings” or leaders of nations that are willing to submit to Germany’s power over them (Revelation 17:12–13). If more nations request the presence of the German military on their own soil, students of Bible prophecy should take note. To learn more about Europe’s surprising and sobering future, be sure to read or listen to our free booklet Germany in Prophecy.