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European Nuclear War Ahead?

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A former Russian foreign minister recently warned, “The East-West standoff over the Ukraine crisis has brought the threat of nuclear war in Europe closer than at any time since the 1980s” (Reuters, March 19, 2016). “Igor Ivanov, Russia’s foreign minister from 1998 to 2004 and now head of a Moscow-based think-tank founded by the Russian government” also stated, “We have less nuclear warheads, but the risk of them being used is growing’” (ibid.). Adding to the situation, “Britain is to sign a new defence pact with Ukraine pledging to help the country with more military training and intelligence amid its confrontation with Russia. Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said the new agreement was a signal Britain would ‘stand firm’ with” Ukraine” (The Telegraph, March 18, 2016). “The French navy detected a Russian submarine carrying nuclear missiles in the Bay of Biscay in January” (Reuters, March 10, 2016).

Bible prophecy does not exclude a future nuclear war. The Bible reveals that just prior to Christ’s return there will be a confrontation between a European beast power and a large army coming from the east that will kill a significant portion of mankind (Daniel 11:44; Revelation 9:13-18). This army from the east may very well include Russia, but will involve more troops than Russia can muster alone. For more on this vital topic, see “Coming End-Time Conflicts.”