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Financial Crisis Further Divides Europe

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“The European Experiment”—a description applied to the European Union by many—is in serious trouble. Old divides that have plagued the continent for centuries are reemerging. A couple of weeks ago, EU leaders met to come up with a unified financial response to the COVID-19 pandemic but struggled to agree (Reuters, March 27, 2020). The resolution they did hammer out failed to address major issues, much to the dissatisfaction of Spain and Italy—two nations being ravaged by the coronavirus (Fortune, April 10, 2020). Many nations believe the EU should have a standard, unified, fiscal response to the crisis. But Italy’s prime minister commented last week that if the Europeans cannot agree, nations “will have to write off Europe and ‘everyone will do their own thing.’”

As one author wrote, “The novel coronavirus crisis has reopened old euro zone divisions” among the 27 nations in the EU. However, these events in Europe resemble ancient Bible prophecies. Daniel warned that, at the end of the age, ten kings or nations will come together yet still be divided like “iron and clay” (Daniel 2:41–43). We appear to be watching this “iron and clay” mixture reemerge in Europe today. Regardless of these growing divisions, ultimately there will be a temporary union of ten rulers under one leader known in prophecy as the “beast” (see Revelation 17)—a group most likely led by the nation of Germany. For greater understanding about the future of Europe, read the insightful article  “Iron and Clay.”