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German Army Plans for EU Breakup

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According to a secret federal government policy document leaked to the German publication Der Spiegel, the German Defense Ministry has rehearsed six different scenarios they believe could play out in Europe in the next 23 years (Telegraph, November 6, 2017; The Guardian, November 6, 2017). One scenario is the unrest and disorder that would occur if more nations follow Britain out of the EU. Another possible scenario would be Eastern European nations leaving the EU and returning to the former Soviet bloc. In either scenario, the current 28-member EU could decrease in size significantly.

Bible prophecies have long foretold the emergence of a European beast power at the end of the age, composed of ten kings who hand their power over to a central figure (see Revelation 17). This document indicates that German military planners also see a much smaller EU as a real possibility. It is no coincidence that we are witnessing global activities moving in a direction that could fulfill ancient prophecies. The God of the Bible clearly states that only He can predict the future and make it come to pass (Isaiah 46:8-11). To learn more about coming events in Europe, read or listen to The Beast of Revelation.