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Germany Pressing for Powerful Military

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The events in Europe and the Middle East have put pressure on Germany to speed up its efforts toward a more powerful and fully operational army. Germany’s defense minister, Boris Pistorius, is pushing hard for the military to modernize as rapidly as possible (Deutsche Welle, October 31, 2023). In a recent interview, he stated, “We have to become fit for war. We have to be fit for defense. And get both the Bundeswehr [Germany’s armed forces] and society ready for this.”

Germany has allocated 100 billion euros for military advances and upgrades and has contracted two-thirds of this amount already. Mr. Pistorius emphasized it could take three to five years for Germany’s armed forces to be fully up to speed and noted that they are already among the strongest European militaries in NATO. Germany has already moved 1,000 troops to Israel for potential use in evacuation and special forces missions (, October 29, 2023). It is also transferring ships, planes, helicopters, and logistical materials to the region.

Bible prophecy indicates that as we approach the end of the age, Germany will play a far greater role in the Middle East and in the Holy Land. Germany will eventually lead a powerful military and religious effort that will move into Jerusalem and the surrounding area. But it will require strengthening its military and economy to make that possible. The events we are watching now could build toward this eventuality. To learn more, be sure to read “Germany’s Quiet Comeback.”