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Germany Stands by Israel

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In the wake of Hamas’ bloody attack on Israel, nations have condemned the heinous action, and many have pledged support for Israel. Some of the most overt words of support have come from Germany. Motivated by memories of the Holocaust carried out against the Jews by the Nazi government of Germany in World War II, German leaders have expressed their intentions to support Israel in its times of need.

In a 2022 speech, German chancellor Olaf Scholz made this profound promise: “The mass murder of Jews was instigated by Germany. It was planned and carried out by the Germans. Consequently, every German government bears permanent responsibility for the security of the State of Israel and the protection of Jewish life” (Deutsche Welle, April 25, 2023). Last week in a visit to Israel, echoing Chancellor Scholz’s sentiments, German defense minister Boris Pistorius promised to his Israeli counterpart, “There is no doubt… whatever we can do to support you, with material support, we will do this.… Germany stands by Israel, by the people of Israel” (Reuters, October 19, 2023).

The Bible reveals that a future German-led European beast power will occupy the Holy Land and control Jerusalem. The Apostle John wrote that non-Jewish Gentiles “will tread the holy city underfoot” for 42 months prior to Christ’s return (Revelation 11:2). How might these Gentiles come to control the Holy Land? Analysts warn that if the current escalation in Israel and Gaza does not soon cease, it could plunge the entire region into war, drawing in many nations, including the United States and other Western countries. Germany could offer to move into Israel politically and even militarily for a time, in order to protect Israel and prevent further war. Time will tell, and the details remain to be seen. However, God’s prophecies will come to pass. To learn more about events prophesied to engulf the Middle East, read or listen to our insightful booklet The Middle East in Prophecy.