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Giant Russian War Games

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Over five days, beginning on September 11, Russia, China and Mongolia will hold their largest “war games” exercise since the Cold War (BBC, August 28, 2018). “The scale of Vostok-2018 is equivalent to the forces deployed in one of the big World War Two battles” and will involve over 300,000 troops, 36,000 tanks, 1,000 aircraft, all of Russia’s airborne units and two of its fleets. Russia’s defense minister noted that “the involvement of Chinese units showed Russia and Beijing were co-operating in all areas.” The defense maneuvers will occur in Russia’s eastern territories and Siberia.

Why such a massive military drill? This military initiative occurs at a time of growing unrest between Russia and the NATO nations in Europe. China has noted that the military exercises will not target any particular third party.

Bible prophecy give unique insight into the future of Russia and China. Although the two nations are not explicitly named, Bible prophecy details that a massive 200-million-man army will fight against the “beast” power of Europe in a conflict that will kill one-third of humanity at the end of the age (Revelation 9:13–19). What nations on earth have both the populations and military technology to support such an army? God also reveals that, sometime after that conflict, the great Euphrates River will be dried up to make way for the Asiatic army of the “kings from the east” to gather at Armageddon with other nations preparing to fight against the returning Jesus Christ (Revelation 16:12–14). What we are witnessing with these Russian war games may picture something far greater that is prophesied in the pages of the Bible. For more insights, be sure to read or listen to Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!